Sunday, May 1, 2016

70 rounds complete!

Hello everyone!

 I just wanted to post a quick update on my progress and I'm glad to say I feel a whole lot better! Boy oh boy were the "60's" a doozy! I mainly attribute my struggles to the mold that's not only been on my boat but I was also living in a basement apt which started to get mold. It seems I haven't been able to get away from it for the past few years! its been in the last two homes in which I lived and due to poor circulation of air on this ship, we've had our fair share on here as well. (Currently on ship)
 I chose to up my milligrams of ALA to 50mgs and I'm glad I did. I'm the first one to preach not to get too froggy with going up too high, too fast due to so many people (including myself) having setbacks. But the name of the game is upping the mgs when the body is ready. I have been chelating while struggling with mold toxicity which brings on an onslaught of its on problems! As if being mercury poisoned isn't enough! While on round, I could feel that my body was ready. One positive thing was the glimpses of vividness while dreaming. I don't dream but with ALA being able to cross the BBB (Blood brain barrier) it felt good to remember some of my dreams after waking.

Food sensitivities are very minimal. I'm sure I'd see much more of an improvement if my diet was more paleo type, excluding grains, glutens and sugars but as a sailor there is not much of an option, I eat what gets served so I have to deal with it. Basically, I deal with about 20 minutes of coughing and clearing my throat if I eat lots of bread, sugar, grains or glutens, a very slight bit of brain fog but not crippling as it used to be.

 I'm super excited my toe nails have returned to a normal color! They basically looked like I dropped cinder blocks on them due to candida. I was prescribed fluconazole and I was also taking oil of oregano and lots of probiotics. mission accomplished! I'll take the little gains as they come!

My memory is improving but still an issue. Its not nearly as bad as it was but still hindering me in my desire to become a marine engineer. The test is five tests, 70 questions each test. Question, multiple answer. You have to study from a pool of 10,000 questions. An FAA pilot has three tests and a pool of 3000 questions so its not easy for a normal person let alone someone who has mercury poisoning!

My supplements I'm not really having to take all that much. Vitamin C doesn't help much, I was in desperate need of magnesium but I found I'm at a place where I cannot notice much of a difference. Me "needing" to take probiotics  isn't all that much of a necessity. Coming from a guy who had to take 30 different types of pills to function on a day to day basis. I'm pretty regular and can go the bathroom sometimes 3, 4 times a day. the only issue is noticing critters in the toilet which brings me on to my next issue...

 I'm dealing with an onslaught of parasites right now. I have the basics to keep them at bay but as soon as I get off the boat, I'm going to order some Humaworm, I've read enough testimonials from the Humaworm page that I know that's the road I want to take. I very much look forward to get rid of those little buggers!

That's all I've got for now folks! I'll update a YouTube video as soon as I'm off the boat.

 In Christ,

 Joe R

Monday, October 12, 2015

Round 65 complete

Finished round 65 and I'm dead smack in the middle of full fledge panic attack! I'm two days off the round. I've been on 25/25 mgs of DMSA/ALA and figured it was high time to bump it up and boy was I wrong! I felt like this one other time. Right when I started and got froggy and did 100 mgs of DMSA and 100 of ALA every 2 hrs for 3 straight days. There is no way I'm going to be healed by 100 rounds if I feel this bad at 65. I bumped it up to 37.5 mgs of DMSA  and 31 mgs of ALA. Not a significant increase but I just wasn't ready to go up. Rather that or what I'm experiencing has nothing to do with that. I do not have any adrenal cortex but just ordered some. The only thing is I'm on the boat with 3 weeks left so no more rounds for me until the dust settles and I can figure this out!

 I really feel like throwing in the towel and justr giving up right now but know there are hills and valleys and I hope not to remain in this valley much longer.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Round 60 Complete !

Hey all you mercury mercenaries! I just wanted to update my blog that 60 rounds on the A/C protocol are complete. The two most significant improvements are my chemical sensitivities, food intolerances and Candida are for the most part in the rear view mirror.  My brain fog can be controlled with my supplements where as when I first started I couldn't seem to get out from under it. When I'm on point with my supps, I'm pretty clear headed. I feel that I'm running on 5 of the 6 cylinders...About 75% roughly, depending on the day. Rounds are still hard to get in. I'm still working on ships and 7 days a week;12 hrs a day will break any man down. Also my charisma toward work has picked up. I use to feel the black cloud of depression and despondency and there is a pep in my step. Wanting to make sure my duties are well taken care of and I'm doing my part as a sailor on board.

 I picked up woodworking as a hobby and fell in love! I built a work table for a friend, a tree house for my friends kids as well as chicken pen. I'm more than impressed of the work that I did and as Chelation helps my cognitive abilities, I look forward to taking on more challenging projects....Who knows, maybe someday, I'll have my own shop!
With the gains I've noticed I don't think 100 rounds to completely being healed is too far fetched of a hope. For right now, Its round 61 that I'll focus on tackling next! ;)

In Christ,


Friday, May 1, 2015

Round 56 complete!

Well, It is official! I am, hands down the slowest chelator on the planet ! I just found out an onslaught of my issues were mold on the boat that I've been on has been causing me some pretty unfavorable reactions to say the least. Ive been on this boat for two years and it took someone else to point it out that due to the humidity, we may have a mold issue. ure enough, that's why I haven't been able to chelate. Fortunately/unfortunately, I have a job andhave to pay bills so have to deal with the mold but hey ! I'm paying off some debt ! =) They put me in a room with little to no mold problems so I was good to do a round and just completed round 56. I should be waaay past round 100, Some symptoms have resurfaced but only by a fraction of what they were. I also believe a good portion of them is due to the mold. I have a bottle with me now and I'm going to attempt another round in a few days. Once I'm back on a regular schedule of 3 days on-3 days off, I'll have a better idea of where I'm at. I'm currently on 12.5/12.5 of DMSA/ALA. There is a slight feeling of something going on while on round and not too much redistribution. I probably could up the mgs but being that I work in the engine room on a ship, I cant afford too many episodes of mercury affecting the way I think and feel during redistribution. So that's all Ive got. I hope ill be back on track shortly and have better stories of victory.

In Christ,

 Joey R

Sunday, December 7, 2014

About to attempt round 54

Well folks ! Im still in the fight. I did however have to take some MUCh needed time off. As I was chelating, I was experiencing some shooting pains in my kidney area. Possibly my liver as well. I realized I started "backsliding" in the way of chelation. All of the old symptoms started resurfacing. Mainly with my brain fog. My candida issues have mostly cleared up. No more itchy scratchy after eating gluten/sugar. It will mess up my digestive system. I went to a holistic MD in Asheville and he ran my blood. I was high in iron so I donated blood per request of the good doctor and I also came back with H.Pylori which is a bacteria in the gut. He put me on antibiotics to kill the H.Pylori and hopefully its gone. I also have been eating lots of probiotics to reflourish the flora in my gut due to the antibiotics which kills off both good and bad. I feel bette3r than I had when I was chelating. I think I allowed my body time to heal and its back at it again. But I've learned my lesson. Its slow and steady from here on out. I purchased 12.5 mgs of DMSA and 12.5 mg of ALA compounded from Living networks. Its easier, one pill every three hours and I'm done. Hopefully I can get 20 or 30 rounds in the upcoming year !

 Grace and peace in Christ alone !


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Round 53 complete

My apologies for not keeping up with this blog. Whats the purpose of having a blog and not keeping up with it? My confession is Mainly because of discouragement. I didn't plan on being at this place in my life.38, single, mercury poisoned. I sit here typing this, completely chained up by this shiny little metal that has invaded my cells and causes the nubrial fibers to hinder my neurons to process an intelligent thought. I was doing fairly well. I would say, As I have said in this blog as well as my Youtube video's...I felt that I was on the road to recovery. So what happened? As I was doing what I'm told to do to recover, I feel like I was repoisoned. I'm back at square one. Brain fog is at full capacity. Emotions are unstable. (thought I was over that) Candida just plain sucks. I can't take my socks off because my toenails are all kinds of nasty. My only explanantion for this is my body released a pool of mercury that was lodged somewhere that my body placed to protect itself from its toxic effects. As I was peeling back the layers of mercury poisoning, I disturbed this pool of mercury and it was too much for me to handle, hence why I feel like I'm back at square one. I can only hope and pray that this story has a good ending. I haven't chelated in three weeks. Do to how I feel, I feel I have scale it back in the mgs so that redistribution wont be so bad.

 I just came out of a movie theater, I watched "Lucy" In the movie, the woman was able to use 100% of her brain and could do some pretty cool things. I don't need to use 100% I believe I'll be able to do that in heaven. I want the level that everyone else uses. People read books and inspire other people through communication. Being able to use a part of their brain that I cannot. Interestingly enough, I am not the only one. I signed onto this blog tonight and saw how many people had viewed this blog. It was in the 8000's. 8000 people....That's a lot of people. Searching the web on why they feel the way that they do. A shiny little metal that invades cells and wreaks havoc on every area of our lives. Many of us cannot have normal relationships, Many of y'all cannot work. (Its only by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ that can myself) I wonder how many people have committed suicide due to all the pain this shiny little metal has put us through. I'm going to fight this with everything I have within me, I will not let this toxic metal have dominion over me.

Its late, I'm tired...I'm going to bed.

Joe Ruggiero

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Round 48 complete.

Just posting a quick update. I finished round 48, its been about a month and I'm currently on round 49. Ive been experiencing a lot off illness. Its seems I'm super susceptible to virus's/colds. I live down stairs from a family that has 5 kids. When I'm home, I'm always up there, hanging out and enjoying the fellowship of my two friends who are the parents of the five little ones. Ive had pneumonia, strep throat twice. Also Ive getting absolutely slammed with allergies. I live in Western North Carolina and the pollen is really bad so I shut down as soon as I get home. My lungs have been really bad. its almost as I grew into asthma. Ive never had had asthma before?

  I've been at sea for the past 10 days and attempted one round and failed at taking my dose so I took three days off. I hope to finish this round strong and possibly get one or two more in before I can get off this boat.

I have found significant relief in my brain fog. I added a few things to the arsenal of supplements/ Ashwagandha root (in the form of tea) has been my go to for this. I've also been taking Lithium oroate. I've also been taking Iodine which is suppose to help with excretion of mercury. I'm not sure how exactly, only that when one is chelating, they're excretion increases significantly.

 Due to experiencing frequent illnesses and being at sea, its been slow in the way of chelation but I'm still in the fight. I appreciate all the emails I've been getting. Its a blessing to know that I have helped people in this fight against HG poisoning. Please refer to if you'd like to contact me, That's my main email address and check that more often.

 In Christ,

  Joey Ruggiero <><